All backlog of releases will be up soon / some news…

I’m currently working on getting all the backlog for the label uploaded to before I start to release new stuff. I will be looking for bands to release new material so get at me if you are interested.  I have about 15 or so albums to put up and uploading them takes time especially when I don’t have much of it lately.  My goal is to get up all the backlog since most of it was lost through myspace and I am not happy with running the label through there anymore. Plus all the files I had uploaded had either been lost online or deleted. So starting from fresh and putting up all the albums is what I want to do first and foremost.

I do have some ideas floating around that I will start to begin to make concrete ideas for some future compilations this year.  Some of the ideas are possibly a Misfits cover album, a child themed and friendly album, a possible comp with a ton of artists doing 20 second or so songs, and of course I will be hosting another Halloween comp this year and if all goes well the Christmas comp will happen too.

Some other stuff I do want to do as far as releases go is a possible split with melted cassettes and xrin arms with a possibility of maybe one more artist on that. Maybe even A Beautiful Lotus can get on that split and kill all of Earth.  I want to pitch the idea to Andy of Noisepark of possibly doing a Robopark friends comp, that would be fun.

Alot is coming this year please follow this blog and tell all your friends about the free downloads that will be available on here.  -RR!


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