RR.02 Earth Dies Screaming – Out Of Mana!

Release number 2 comes from Austin Texas native Duckman with his project Earth Dies Screaming.  Being in the game for years with several projects and downfalls Duckman brings you his best work yet in this re-release of his solo debut of “Out of Mana!” This album was available for purchase at one time and Duckman decided to stop production of the CD and we came to the conclusion of releasing here on RR in order to get it out to the people the need to hear it.  Download this album and see what people mean when they say that Texas has the best talent. With these 16 tracks of relentless pounding to your skull Duckman shows off his vocal skills and electronic thrills.  If you like songs about prostitutes, drugs, and video games then this album is for you. -RR!


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  1. hey i added your album to the blog magicoremusic.blogspot.com i hope thats cool its a really tight blog where me and [tlr] post music we like. really hope it gets you some more downloads this album meant alot to me!

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