RR.29 – c@ – copy

M@ the C@ of the infamous Bubblegum Octopus brings us 45 tracks of pure mayhem and a constant reminder of what things were like several years back. 3 days after this album was made M@ decided to create Bubblegum Octopus, so this is pretty much the beginning of what we know as BgO. Although C@ and BgO are two completely different projects this album shows us where M@ was at at this certain place and time. You will not regret downloading this album because it will knock you down to the ground and tickle your armpits all night long. -RR!

from the hands of m@ the c@:

c@ = Matthew “m@ the c@” Morden

This album is being re-released as it’s only form of distribution in the past was asking me to send the files via Soulseek and AIM

In spite of the moments of silliness, copy was recorded during a time of extreme misanthropy and isolation. At the time, the only people I was able to confide things in were a handful of internet friends and my girlfriend at the time. Even though Anna and I are no longer together, the love we had was never normal, and while I don’t know that I’d consider everything we did to have been well informed, responsible, logical, or even intelligent, I would like to thank her for the small slice of happiness she offered me at the time. I’d also like to thank Dingle (Peppermint Pony,) Brokecore John, Cory Monster (Kindegarten Hazing Ritual,) Bayi, Eric S (Metal Babble,) David W (The Smile Adventure,) Nick N (Mike Bison,) Tristan (Horse Head/Underage Cuties,) and anyone else I might be forgetting that kept me company (through the internet) during one of the most pitiful and depressing moments in my life.

copy is comprised of experimentations with my voice and the blending of various forms of noise production, MIDI, sample mutilation, instruments, and many different hardwares.

• Track 1 features vocals by Ileanna F
• Tracks 16 and 30 are remixes of songs from my 2004 yamiwosukasu album, 11 Informations.
• Track 42 is a different recording of a song from c@’s album c@ Winter 2
• Track 45 was not in the first few folders of this album that I sent to people
• Some “versions” of this album do exist with unreleased collaboration tracks with Peppermint Pony, but this one does not.

This album was written, recorded, and produced in the spring and summer of 2005, and released in late July of that year.


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