RR.39 – br00tal face paint – exploding orgasms

I opened the cover for this album in front of my 7 year old step daughter without knowing what was on it and heard a shriek and the quick shuffle of hands moving from pockets to eyes.  All I could say was whoa! I didn’t know that was gonna happen..lol.  As soon as you push play thats exactly what you say.  You begin to ask yourself is this for real or am I just having this sick twisted nightmare.  But let me tell you its all fucking real and there is nothing you can do about it.  Duskmask of Br00tal Face Paint brings you his first EP with us here at Robo! and we gotta say we totally dig it!  Imagine a blended cocktail of Bubblegum Octopus, The Shock Deformity and Amputee, and chickenXcore and thats what you have here.  Nobody knows who the real person behind Br00tal Face Paint is, besides me and a few select others.  This brings the mystery of this band to a whole new level of excitement and will keep you in the shitter thinking about who the fuck is doing this mad ass shit! -RR!

Br00tal Face Paint


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