RR.44 – [tlr] – in the future, i will barf lazerz

Here we have the re-release of “In the future, I will barf lazerz” by [tlr]. Released first on Bucketron back in 2007 and now here on Robo! in 2010! If you haven’t heard anything by [tlr] you are totally missing out. -RR!

[tlr] says:

in the future, i will barf lazerz
by [tlr]

A short collection of dance oriented electronic music created by Taylor Shechet during the year 2007. This set of songs were made with the intention of playing as [tlrshcht] at Dan Merino (Sex Mannequin) and Microphone Mike’s dance party at Black Box Studios in San Diego. Sadly the party was canceled due to vandals breaking in to the studio the night before and stealing the PA system. The album was then slated for a small vinyl release on Monkey Bucket’s label Bucketr0n. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, the album was lost. It was later recovered and then released on the internet as a free download.

1.) intro
2.) hieh i’m [tlr]
3.) loudmouthed braggarts
4.) the do0m song
5.) just gotta dance (instrumental version)
6.) crazy in the head (feat. be like and nick kill)



copyright 2007 by taylor shechet

some rights reserved

published by:

taylor is a scene kid music (ASCAP)


Album art by MeowLori (http://www.myspace.com/secretsarethethingswegrow)
Bass Guitar on track 5 by Dave Staples
Guest Vocals on track 6 by Brandon Like and Nick Kill
Additional production on all tracks by Dave Staples, Won Trick Pony
All audio clips are property of their original owners. Don’t sue me.


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