RR.51 – DeathCriesMakeLullabies – Complete Discography

Back before Myspace made it the “cool” thing to do there was a handful of really great cybergrind artists doing their thing. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden it just got really weird. Every other person on Myspace had a cybergrind project and this caused a total cave in. A bunch of the guys that were grinding way before any of them got totally lost in the mix. I do agree with most of you though, there is alot of shit out there, and there is a ton of great stuff out there as well. DeathCriesMakesLullabies was one of those bands, it was around ’04-’05 when I first the name DCML and I was hooked. I had downloaded a split with Hara-Kari Kitty and I was completely blown away. This was before all got crazy and wow I wish it wouldn’t have finished. Fred of DCML stopped producing and went on to do other stuff and possibly clear his head a bit. It is a real honor to present you with the 23 track discography of the late great DeathCriesMakeLullabies! Grind your face in! -RR!


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