RR.61 – evolve – selections

We start off 2011 with a bang and bring you an EP by Donna Texas native Evolve.  Spitting rhymes like a mad scientist Evolve brings the knowledge to your out of school ass with a vengeance.  Ive been friends with Evolve for several years now and we also attended the same high school back in the day.  As a father, husband, and working man he soaks up inspiration from all around and tells you how it is.  Here is a 6 track sampler which includes several songs from the latest album “Just another face in the crowd.” Tracks The Muse and The Realness will be out on the new record under the moniker ‘Evan Ill’ (Evolve & Illfisto) which is slated to be released in March 2011 on Boom Bap Masterpiece Records which is run by Evolve himself.  We are very proud to be able to bring you the biggest variety of music on the internet and will continue to do so through 2011 and the future. -RR!





1. Evan Ill (Evolve & Illfisto) – The Realness [produced by Illfisto]

2. Evolve Feat. Junclassic – Flow Unorthodox (DefShef Remix)

3. Evolve Feat. MF Woolly – Kill Your Idols [produced by Joe Beat (Norway)]

4. Evolve – Some People [produced by Immortal Beat (Germany)]

5. Evolve – The Muse [produced by Lerrie (Netherlands)]

6. Shawn Elliot Feat. Evolve – Crisis


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