RR.62 – Straight Outta the ICU….it’s the Speedbass Recovery Compilation

visit the archive and listen

Get your Speedbass boots and Speedbass pants on your going for a wild ride.  In this dual release with NKS International based out of Montreuil, France put together by Chicago breakcore native  tooth_eye in an attempt to revitalize the speedbass.net website and community.  Truly a sick and twisted listen from start to center to finish, with just enough distorted bass to get your rocks off.  The Jersey Shore kids are fist-pumping to the wrong music if you can catch my drift.  We are proud to bring you this piece of Speedbass history and hope you bust a speaker or two.  Listen at maximum volume even if your mom tells you she wont read you Alice in Wonderland before bed.  Get into recovery, push play, speedbass! -RR!

Artwork by: G4z


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  1. i hope everyone enjoys this fine compilation. its a half a year in the making and it was worth every month. thanks to G4z for the fantastic art and also for all the artists that chose to participate, it wouldn’t have come together without you guys! of course, also thank you to Robo!Robotica for duel releasing with NKS International. Be sure to keep an eye out for the NKS version, it will contain bonus tracks!

  2. just found this on google, downloading it now and will give some listenS.


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