RR.73 – fake snake – 400

What does it feel like walking through the gates of hell?  Here in Texas its been in the 100’s for weeks, and when it comes to heat David Turner who is a native of Arizona knows what that is like.  You may know him from his works with Melted Cassettes and or Ghouliez.  Here he brings us his new album with his very own solo project Fake Snake, simply titled 400.  We are welcomed by a loop of a warped chime caught in a dark cloud of gray matter and then out come the ghouls to take away your precious soul.  The skin slowly starts to peel off of the bone releasing the soul upon the demons on earth.  Now caught in a dream you begin to wonder if all this is real, you search all around and not one answer can be found.  Soldiers of the dream ghouls make their way towards your half dead body and away to the lions with you.  And that has been my track by track review of 400, id like for you all to write a track by track review of this album and post it in the comments.  Weather it be sentences, paragraphs, burps, farts, and well you get the point just do it.   In short Fake Snake will blow your mind into a billion bits.  Push play and crank it to 11! -RR!



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