RR.74 – bobby blitzkrieg – industrial strength / entoxu double album

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One half of the up and coming noise grind acts Kusari Gama Kill, Janus Blomfrø brings us his side project known as Bobby Blitzkrieg.  Two beautifully blended masterpieces that is chunk full of what you have been craving for years.  This double album release had never seen the light of day till just now and us here at ROBO! Robotica are proud to release this great piece of work for you all and don’t forget its free!  This double release will take you on a long beautiful trip down a deep dark tunnel, the only light emitting from the lighter which lights your cigarette.  The feeling of being chased by an imaginary object lurks throughout and that’s when your brain takes a plunge into the deep deep abyss.  At times you will feel like you are falling, other times as if you just got hit by a car.  I’m not a man of many words but trust me just put this on and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.  That deep bass will kick in and dislodge at least 2 discs from your already bad back.  You have been warned! Don’t sue us, it’s free! -RR!


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