RR.78 – munkie poo – munkie poo EP

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Imagine your wife and kids gone for the day, you just finished cutting the lawn, and you have a 40 ounce in your hand.  Recorded in 3 hours under most of these conditions Munkie Poo brings us his first EP and did we mention it was recorded in 3 hours?  Grindcore has a new sheriff and his name is Dan.  DIY at its best all wrapped up in a 10 minute short skirt.  All songs and artwork were done in the previously stated 3 hours and we have video to prove it.  Yes its not a 3 hour video but it is cut and edited and was probably done within the 3 hours as well. Download this for free today and crank up those speakers to 44.  More releases slated for this week, ya’ll come back! -RR!



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  1. That was the perfect accompaniment for my lunch consisting of sweetarts and Nerds.

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