RR.81 – bayi – the ultimate discography

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When I first started ROBO! Robotica I had a few things that I wanted to do from the start.  One was to release my friends music to the world who might not have ever heard of them before as well as my own stuff.  The other thing was to preserve discography’s of bands who have had a major role in my life as well as many others.  I have tried my best to bring you the best releases that I can and if you have followed RR! from the beginning you know we have done just that and possibly more.  Well today is no different!  Id like to present you with the longest release in the RR! archive, 103 tracks of pure face pounding grindcore recorded between ’04-’08 by Fred Huennekens and friends.  Bayi was short lived but it was a good short period of time.  If 103+ tracks isn’t proof I don’t know what is.  This discography features all of their releases from start to finish including splits with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual, Scissor Shock and many more.  Do keep in mind that Fred is looking for one possibly lost album which will be uploaded to this archive as soon as it is recovered.  So crank up those speakers and spark up a fat blunt because this release is going to go down on you and make you bleed. -RR!


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