RR.91 – roman catholic skulls – weathered

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Tonight we have another duo Roman Catholic Skulls from Indonesia.  I’ve come to the realization that ROBO! Robotica is where you need to come to listen to the best in Indonesian Experimental Electronic music.  I recently put Dicka Prasetya in charge of sending artists my way and he is doing a great job.  Dicka is the mastermind behind DXC who is also from Indonesian and a member of the RR family.  This album does not fail in the experimental department nor in the brain melting side either.  74 minutes of chillaxin spooky tones and spacey atmospheres with just the right amount of white noise to get you through your mother in laws rant about not cleaning the ceiling fans.  This album just screams Fall and Halloween, to me at least, im sure RCS didn’t intend to make me feel this way but its something about the air and this kind of music that makes me feel that way.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, why are you here reading this piece of mentally nauseating  words when you can be smoking & listening to this album for free. -RR!


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  1. Everything about this is perfect.

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