RR.96 – a kodak moment & anally aborted fetus – LA – NY narcotic goregrind connection

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Several years back there was a huge explosion of digital artists that came on to the scene with a ton of help of the now pretty much dead myspace.  And yeah we all make fun of it now but if it wasn’t for that place I would’ve never have known about anybody I know about today.  I would also probably not be doing this kind of thing either if it wasn’t for myspace as well.  A Kodak Moment formally known as MonoClarific came out around the same time a bunch of these bands had started.  Keep in mind probably only a handful of these bands are still in existence.  If you don’t know what kind of bands im talking about by now you probably shouldn’t be reading this.  This is a re-release of the infamous NY/LA Narcotic Grindcore Connection Split with Anally Aborted Fetus who is another one of the artists that changed the way, if even a little, the way we perform, listen, and understand music.  Later today we will be putting up a split with A Kodak Moment and Bukkake Hotlines which we really think you will like.  Its all about keeping the oldies but goodies relevant, as part of history and archive. -RR!


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  1. ahh i havent heard of bukkake hotlines in forever, or anally aborted fetus for that matter. now i want have to dig through a bucket full of burned cds to listen to this stuff

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