RR.100 – i killed techno – (inverted crosses)

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Back when I first started ROBO! Robotica I never thought I would ever release more then just a handful of albums.  At first I started this label to release my own material just for the sake of having a label to tie the album to and what not.  I wasn’t really feeling other labels at the time and couldn’t trust anyone to do it the way I wanted to.  But here we are now just several years later posting our 100th release and all for free.  When the time was near I go a slew of emails out of nowhere with albums to be released and by the time you know it we chipped away at this release.  One of those emails just happened to be Eric from I Killed Techno.  We have been friends for many years and have worked together on numerous things together within our scene to try and get our names out there.  Around here there isn’t many bands doing the kind of music we put out so it can be hard at times to get the right crowd.  Luckily the internet has made going out a thing of the 90’s and writing music seems to be the outlet to most of us.  This album brings us the struggle endured by Eric the past few months and lays all out on the table.  When I received the album the tracks weren’t numbered and I asked Eric, hey whats the order in which he replied ehhh any random order is fine.  I took it in my own hands and tried to capture the true story being told in music and ordered accordingly to how I thought the story might go.  Go ahead, take a trip through the mind of Eric with (inverted crosses). -RR!


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