RR.102 – dino felipe – the covers album

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I’ve known of Dino Felipe for years now, ever since Myspace back in late ’04 early ’05.  So today years later I have acquired an album that will teach you a great lesson in rock history.  The Covers Album features great tracks by R. Stevie Moore, Harry Marry, John Maus, John Frusciante, Fang, Lou Barlow, J. Mascis, The Breeders, Nirvana, Brain Bombs, Sonic Youth, The Amps, Peggy Lee, Tom Waits, and Molly Nilsson all performed by Dino Felipe.  Pulled together in such great perfection this album will leave you craving for more right from the start.  Dino never fails to bring his energy through the music, into your ears, and all throughout your insides.  If the synth on the first track doesn’t have you from the start you must have something wrong with you.  It is such a pleasure to be given the opportunity to put out such a album by such a great artist.  We would also like to thank you, the listener, without you we are nothing.  When I first started this label I had one mission and that was to release music.  I wanted to break the rules of “genre” and release good old fashioned music.  There is way too much genre labeling these days and it just gets way to confusing for myself and i’m sure i’m not the only one.  So far I think we are doing a good job for not being too well known and a one person operation.  Also get ready for this weekend, we have a ton of music that is going to released,  so get your ears and your hard drives ready for an all weekend download orgy. -RR!


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