RR.103 – munkie poo – darkness comes bearing truth

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Anything you can do in 8 months, Munkie Poo can do in 2 hours.  Given the task in the form of a dare to take on writing a black metal album in 2 hours Munkie Poo brings us his sophomore album Darkness Comes Bearing Truth.  A weed fueled attack on the central nervous system, taking over your blood cells faster then the Ebola virus.  This is not your typical black metal album, in fact this makes most black metal albums look like Hansel and Gretel.  Keep in mind this was written in two hours so that is quite a feat to accomplish.  This isn’t for vber ocvlt kids that wear corpse paint to the mall and buy new doc martens to wear to the cradle of filth show, this isn’t for the goths that go out to goth night every Friday night, this isn’t even for the hipsters…this is for the darkness that is deep inside your heart, the darkness that is going to make you want to go out and burn a church down after you finish reading this blog entry.  If that didn’t scare you then I don’t know what will. -RR!


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