RR.115 – haggari nakashe & gaop – pictures of gold and terror

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“A collaboration between Canadian\Japanese jazz/noise/avantgarde/grindcore artist Haggari Nakashe (sometimes operates as a solo artists and sometimes as a band under the same moniker) and Israeli multi-generic experimentalist, Gaop. Referring to what they do as “extreme music for people with a short attention span”, their tracks are just that; short blasts, often melodic, and 90% hummable \ memorable.”

Here we have a re-release of an album that was limited to 20 copies and sold out years ago.  A Casio/Grind/Noise collaboration by Haggari Nakashe from Canada/Japan and Gaop from Israel.  When two artists from different countries collaborate with each other you know it will be golden.  Pictures of Gold and Terror does just that and then some.  Remember being a kid and rockin’ out on the Casio you got for Christmas and your parents looking at you like some kinda dumbass.  Well this album will surely piss your parents off but as for you, you’ll love it.  With the added elements of grind and noise one can only ask themselves is this ok to be listening to?  Well my good man/woman yes it is, and yes its worth the nosebleed at the end of it all.  You can’t also forget that this album is several years old and probably about only 25 people before yourself has listened to this.  That is unless you are reading this in the future and me typing this is actually in the past then who knows how many people have heard it by then.  Everything I can be typing right now could be completely irrelevant to you by now and I wouldn’t know because past me wrote this.  So you person reading this in the present, whichever present that is at the point in time you are reading this have fun and grind. -RR!


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  1. I’ve heard some of Gaop’s stuff before, this aughtta be good.

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