RR.117 – thirsting for men – straight from the horses mouth

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 Thirsting for Men’s second release which is actually their very first release is out now for free.  If you were a fan of the first TFM album then you will automatically love this one.  Being the prequel to “self titled albums are for fucking fags who like dick up their ass” this album is just as intense and just as funny to listen to and or read the song titles.  The guys of TFM have become great friends with us recently and we are prepared for a new album which of course will probably blow you off in a great way.  30 tracks of drum machine grindcore that will make your pants tighter around the crotch region and make you drool from places you didn’t know you could drool from.  Thirsting for Men is one of the bands to look out for in 2012, they are coming up from behind and are gonna rape your ass. -RR!


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