RR.120 – james doesn’t exist – the richter execution

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So I had been talking to Nikolai alot on Facebook and he’s been sending me all these different albums hes worked on.  He also wrote a full album one night after I showed him some of my own music [ABL] and  believe it or not that will be released later this week along with two other albums of a completely other project his.  We will also be releasing a precursor to JDE entitled The Richter Execution which this album is entitled after.  This would have been the new Richter Execution album but Nikolai decided to merge them as one.  Stay tuned for that album later this week.  As any other James Doesn’t Exist album this one delivers the good plus 20.  We would like to thank Nikolai for asking us to release this album and we look forward to more releases from him all of 2012 and beyond.  -RR!


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