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It’s that time of the year again, its getting cooler outside, the smell of cinnamon is all over the place, and candy is available at mass amounts everywhere.  Last year this album was not put together for personal reasons and just being busy.  This year I decided we needed to get this album put together, only thing is that I put this thing together in less then 2 weeks and was still able to get almost 2 hours worth of music.  Yes, I said almost 2 hours.  This isn’t just another comp you can just listen to in the comfort of your computer seat, but it is also meant to be played like any other Halloween album put out this time of year.  Scare the kids coming to your door asking for candy that you probably already ate, play it at your Halloween party that your fake friends showed up to because you had a keg.  Hell play this while your putting inside of your old lady if you have too.  Spooky Sounds and Violent Screams Volume 3 is the best one yet and I could only imagine how it will be next year but we can wait.  Play at maximum volume, always and Happy Halloween, goodbye teeth. -RR!

-Track List-

1. Venom Vampires – So Lost
2. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual – Jaegerbomb Epidural
3. Land of the Living Bitches – You Are Gonna Die in 7 Days
4. Munkie Poo – Ysbrydnos
5. Gentleman Ringworm – Tubes
6. Vivent Les Morts – Noissimbus Cave Wave Mix
7. The Data Body – Extraterrestrial Halloween
8. Nowthatisaprostitute – Cracker the Halloween Clown
9. Skull Incision – Mental Stagnation
10. DJ Kaos – Hell on Earth
11. NVR-NDR – Fire The Cacodemon at Funky Boy
12. A Beautiful Lotus – Which Witch
13. Gsash – Aethyr
14. Nikki Flesh – Latex Lust
15. Stress Orphan – RIP Candlehaus
16. E.Coli – The Blood Curdling Laugh of Mr. Robinson
17. What Makes A Time Bomb Tic – Isolation
18. The Peaceful Dissonance – Silence001
19. Purity – Crystal Pure
20. RedSK – Apes in the Wall
21. Arseterror – Motorpussynazarene


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  1. If only this track was on the comp:

    It was released but yesterday, such a miss.

    • abeautifullotus

      ahh man just barely!!! i am working on a bunch of other stuff so please keep in touch, are you on facebook? or can i email you?

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