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RR.141 – munkie poo – the creator dwells within these wounds

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SUPER THRASH AQUATICA [Dubstep Aerobic Workout Mix by J.Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed] MUSIC VIDEO!

new video by our boy A Beautiful Lotus out now!  video directed, edited, and shot by Nancy Amaro.


bobby blitzkrieg is coming

ROBO! Robotica Song pick of the year twenty and ten

[tlr] – “Never Ender”

The year has come to an end and here we are again, another year older trying to figure out what kind of bullshit to try and keep to the coming year.  With every year comes that one song that stays in our heads and just cant get it out.  It could be anything really, something with a great beat, a great woman singing her ass off, a drum blast over a synth, anything really.  Since the start of RR we have tried to release as much different stuff as we could without getting carried away.  Sometimes its hard to say no to people, and when you come from a background of having your own project you know getting told no is the worst feeling ever.  Over the course of a year and a half or so RR has put out 60 releases from a variety of great musicians.  We got humans from Texas, The UK, Indonesia, Denmark, just to name a few.  This year we put together a compilation in the Spring with good intentions and to date it still has the most daily, weekly, and monthly downloads from all the releases put out before and after it.  The first installment of Spring Cleaning Music made a ton of noise and had such a great lineup of music that I still cant believe we put it out.  On that album was a song called “Never Ender” by San Diego native Taylor Shechet who goes by alias [tlr].  I cant speak for everyone but this song really stuck out to me (notice how I go from we to me/this is a one man show) from the moment I got a hold of it.  Personally I was having a funk of a year when it came to producing music for my project A Beautiful Lotus.  I had a daughter and she took up most if not all my time.  Yes she sat on my lap as I wrote most of the ambient albums I put out but I couldn’t do more than that at the time.  I became really good e-friends with Taylor and was inspired by his motivation and drive towards music production and anything art in general.  I myself found myself feeding off of our AIM conversations for knowledge and inspiration which I had little of the past few years.  With the song “Never Ender” it touched a nerve inside of me with the never ending diaper changes, bottle feedings, rocking to sleeps, not getting laids, running out of weeds, being brokes, house payment to dam highs, McDonalds, masturbating, sweeping, dishes, cleaning the litter,  pizza boxes, not getting laid, showers, long drives, and so on.  I guess what i’m trying to say is that this song really got me through some tough times and with that I pick this as the song of the year here at ROBO! Robotica.  Taylor will receive a round trip bus trip to the location of his choosing, an all day at the spa package from our good friends at Whank it out, and also an all you can eat all year gift card to Pizza Mountain the home of the Pizza Mountain.  I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in making this net label what it is today and will be tomorrow.  I really love giving you another outlet for free music to be put out onto the world and for free no less.  We are looking for 2011 to be one hell of a year so we hope you stay here with us at RR and well keep helping kill your hard drive.  From all of us (me Phil) here at ROBO! Robotica id like to wish you a Happy New Year and please put rockets in your butts with caution.  And always remember life will always be a NEVVERR ENDDDERR  -RR!

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Halloween compilation info

So we are putting together another installment of Spooky sounds and violent screams for Halloween this year.  The deadline for this compilation is October 22 which is a Friday.  Submissions will be taken through Sunday if needed.  This is sort of short notice but we got super busy after the release of the Summer comp and untill now did we find the time to get the word out to the public.

If you are interested in contributing art, music, or anything else you could think of please email us at:

RR.38 – a beautiful lotus – gray


Youth feeders compilation coming in a few days…

Robo! Robotica will be putting out a hip hop compilation titled “Youth Feeders” featuring xrin arms. quiz 10. p wrecks guttah face & more.

Keep an eye out for this in the next few days. -RR!


we would like to extend our birthday wishes to m@ on his 21st birthday!  hope you ate a ton of pizza and got some sweet sweet loving.  m@ is of course the genius behind bubblegum octopus. just incase you have been living under a rock.  here is a track posted on soundcloud by a beautiful lotus as a present to m@.  here is the info and link to the track for you listen to. -RR!

NINTENTHONG on Sound Cloud

this is a track from the full length “Tales of Lust and Revenge”

the reason for posting this is to wish m@ the c@ a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

this was a song that made him think I was ripping him off years ago but later realized “hey he is just doing his thing”

that isnt the actual quote but something along those lines.

however I had been inspired by m@ at the time so I was using him as inspiration and not ripping him off

we are professionals here and we all feed off of each other and we love each other

m@ and I have been friends for almost a million years now and we love pizza


welcome to being old

next your hair will fall out

then you will get fat

then all your body will ache

all the time!

lol love ya much dood!


I sit here with a sack in my lap and I tell myself that we need to put up some links for some free music in order to celebrate this special holiday.

Follow all these links to their respective download areas, sit back and relax.

Romak and the Space Pirates – Attack of the Has-been Android |||

Vyncent Flaw & Romak and the Space Pirates – Never gonna says what’s up |||

tooth eye – wave rape vol.1 |||

tooth eye – the impact winter |||

i killed techno & earth dies screaming – duck tales from a quacky imagination |||

fuck your speakers compilation |||

insidious clothing – cybernetic netherworld compilation |||

ok thats all I will post for now and ill keep posting as I remember links and all that ha! -RR!


Here is the official promo flier for the Spring Cleaning Music Compilation.  Please repost this on your blog, myspace, facebook, twitter, webpage, all that good stuff.  The album should be out either tomorrow night or Sunday at the latest. I’m really just waiting on one song and its ready to go!  Trust us the wait will be completely worth your time. -RR!

Link for flier is :