RR.137 – the human animal – oh dae-su

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RR.136 – uddercock – milking the yule goat

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The smell of the Christmas dung left by the Yule Goat is fresh, it’s getting colder outside, night comes faster, the noise even faster.  Uddercock brings us ‘Milking The Yule Goat’ a cute Christmas EP full of joy and happiness.  5 tracks that will make you move faster then a speeding sleigh.  December comes tons of treats, this is just the beginning, just wait and see. -RR!

RR.135 A&B – top loader – A.hyperstar B.hypernova

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For the first time ever in R!R history comes a release that has an extra bonus album included in the release.  Top Loader from Baton Rouge, Louisiana wanted to give you the listener an extra bonus, just like a video game you have a DLC so to speak of extra tunes not included in the original release.  Hyperstar and Hypernova are a great journey through space and beyond in chiptune form.  10 tracks total on two seperate albums, what more could you ask for?  You will hear more from Top Loader in the near future because we see a ton of potential in this up and coming chiptune artist.  -RR!

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It’s that time of the year again, its getting cooler outside, the smell of cinnamon is all over the place, and candy is available at mass amounts everywhere.  Last year this album was not put together for personal reasons and just being busy.  This year I decided we needed to get this album put together, only thing is that I put this thing together in less then 2 weeks and was still able to get almost 2 hours worth of music.  Yes, I said almost 2 hours.  This isn’t just another comp you can just listen to in the comfort of your computer seat, but it is also meant to be played like any other Halloween album put out this time of year.  Scare the kids coming to your door asking for candy that you probably already ate, play it at your Halloween party that your fake friends showed up to because you had a keg.  Hell play this while your putting inside of your old lady if you have too.  Spooky Sounds and Violent Screams Volume 3 is the best one yet and I could only imagine how it will be next year but we can wait.  Play at maximum volume, always and Happy Halloween, goodbye teeth. -RR!

-Track List-

1. Venom Vampires – So Lost
2. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual – Jaegerbomb Epidural
3. Land of the Living Bitches – You Are Gonna Die in 7 Days
4. Munkie Poo – Ysbrydnos
5. Gentleman Ringworm – Tubes
6. Vivent Les Morts – Noissimbus Cave Wave Mix
7. The Data Body – Extraterrestrial Halloween
8. Nowthatisaprostitute – Cracker the Halloween Clown
9. Skull Incision – Mental Stagnation
10. DJ Kaos – Hell on Earth
11. NVR-NDR – Fire The Cacodemon at Funky Boy
12. A Beautiful Lotus – Which Witch
13. Gsash – Aethyr
14. Nikki Flesh – Latex Lust
15. Stress Orphan – RIP Candlehaus
16. E.Coli – The Blood Curdling Laugh of Mr. Robinson
17. What Makes A Time Bomb Tic – Isolation
18. The Peaceful Dissonance – Silence001
19. Purity – Crystal Pure
20. RedSK – Apes in the Wall
21. Arseterror – Motorpussynazarene

RR.133 – binatang liar – sekumpulan (a bunch of wild animals)

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Binatang Liar is a two piece grindcore outfit out of Indonesia.  While never being in the same room they still seem to cause extreme destruction on animals and humans alike.  Cats will bleed from their ears, dogs will chew off their own testicles,  humans will begin bleeding from their anus.   -RR!

RR.132 – pocket monster poacher party – daydream adventure aesthetics

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One half of the infamous Thirsting for Men brings you this insane piece of work by the name of Pocket Monster Poacher Party.  10 tracks of pure what the fuck right in the palm of your hands.  Before there was TFM there was PMPP and this just shows you the start of what was to cum.  -RR!

RR.131 – easy bake oven – 20 occurrences of a grindcore cliche

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So we continue with the back catalog that got put on hold because of bullshit life happenings and this time we bring you some harsh fucking grindcore.  Easy Bake Oven brings you 20 Occurrences of a Grindcore Cliche and we gotta say this is far from cliche.  You get pummeled with blasting beats so hard you think you butt hole is about to bleed.  But hey don’t blame us, that’s your butt.  -RR!

RR.130 – giant peach – the world of giant fruit

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Before there was a James Doesn’t Exist there was Giant Peach!  Super good cybergrind from our good friend Nikolai and its just as good as what he’s doing now.  This kid is a nonstop music writing machine and we totally respect that kind of thing here at the robo.  -RR!

RR.129 – munkie poo – black metal superstar

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So its been a few months since our last release and we are sorry.  Shit has been crazy and we haven’t been able to keep up with putting out releases the way we wanted to.  We can tell you right now that we have a back catalog of about 10 releases that haven’t seen the light of day until now.  Here is the first of many to come this week and it is by the one and only musical maniac Munkie Poo.  A few months back he released an album with us and we just brought up the idea, as a joke have you, to make an album called Black Metal Superstar.  24 hours later this lands in our inbox and it is an amazing piece of work as everything else done by Munkie Poo.  Sorry it took so long for you all to get this but here it is in all its glory.  Prepare to get aurally raped from head to toe, like every other album by Munkie Poo this one also takes you on a insane coffee induced trip that will leave you sleepless for many nights in a row.  How fun!  Prepare for a ton of releases coming your way this week. -RR!

RR.128 – porion – compact disc jockey (kiffe la terreur)

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An amazing album from a good friend from France Porion.  With combinations of darkstep, breakcore, dub, and digital grind punk this album delivers ALL the goods that you have come to expect from us here at ROBO!  This is also a shared release with NKS International who if you didn’t know already release some of the best free music today.  Now put on your shoes and skank it. -RR!