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RR.146 – the leviathan’s mandible – discography

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Bands come, bands go.  That’s just the circle of life.  In the mid 2000’s, how weird is saying that?  Myspace was booming and bands had a faster way to get out to fans all over the world.  Anyone who is anyone had a Myspace back in the day, even the hardcore I never had ones had one.  The Leviathan’s Mandible in my opinion is one of the most underrated grindcore acts to come out during this time period.  My wife was making fun of me because I was telling time by what I was using at the time which is why I used the whole Myspace angle on this post.  I met these guys on Myspace, I met alot of my friends now on Myspace, that thing helped alot of us musicians get out there and put out our art.  Some of us didn’t know others out there, well I can’t speak for anyone else buy myself, but that point of time was a big changing point in music on the internet.  But back to the post at hand, TLM is not a band anymore but do plan on releasing one final album and do a few farewell shows sometime in the future.  This Discography is a compilation of all the material recorded after becoming a full band.  If you remember TLM from back in the day you remember it was a drum machine driven band and hopefully we can convince them to let us release that era of TLM some day.  I would like to thank Travis and Fred for being friends with me all these years, even if its just online friends otherwise.  Thanks for always coming to me when you have something special lined up for everyone.  Thanks for The Leviathan’s Mandible, we all look forward to all of your future musical projects.  -RR!

RR.146 – The Leviathan’s Mandible – Discography

Tracks 1-5 are from the ‘Desolate Demo’

Tracks 6-21 from ‘Dead Verses’

Tracks 22-26 from the ‘Grinding Apocalypse Compilation 2012’

Track 27 comes from a Live Recording Session

Tracks 28-32 from ‘Promo 2010’

Tracks 33-41 from the ‘3 Way Split with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual and Pansperia’

Tracks 42-54 from ‘Noise Propoganda Live EP’

TLM is and was:

Travis – Vocals

Fred – Guitars, Vocals

Kevin – Bass

Jay – Drums

Josh – Drums

tracks 1-27  – Travis:vocals, Fred:guitar/vocals, Josh:drums

tracks 28-54  – Travis:vocals, Fred:gutiar/vocals, Jay:drums – Kevin:bass on tracks 42-54


RR.135 A&B – top loader – A.hyperstar B.hypernova

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For the first time ever in R!R history comes a release that has an extra bonus album included in the release.  Top Loader from Baton Rouge, Louisiana wanted to give you the listener an extra bonus, just like a video game you have a DLC so to speak of extra tunes not included in the original release.  Hyperstar and Hypernova are a great journey through space and beyond in chiptune form.  10 tracks total on two seperate albums, what more could you ask for?  You will hear more from Top Loader in the near future because we see a ton of potential in this up and coming chiptune artist.  -RR!

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if you downloaded this album before midnight on 12/12/11 please re-download it for artwork and fixed tracks.

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It’s that time of year again, its cold outside, the color of trees has changed, and everyone now has some fake smile slapped on their face.  With the endless feed of shit coming through our televisions, radio, and even internet, it is kinda hard to forget that just in a few weeks Christmas will be here.  I have helped put together holiday compilations but never one in this fashion.  I have assembled what can probably be labeled as some of the best musicians around in the underground scene and made them put together something completely of the ordinary from what they might usually do.  They hit the studio and all brought to the table what you now have here in front of your eyes.  What started as simply an idea at the beginning of the year has finally become a reality.  I couldn’t have done this without the help of some really good people, and they all took time to produce this great piece of work, and all for free.  We have Josh down at GrindThieves, TLR and all the folks at Magicore, GugerArt killed it on the artwork, and J Randall who gave me the go ahead with also putting this out on Grindcore Karaoke and pretty much being the backbone of the whole project.  I would like to thank all of them from the bottom of my resin filled heart because without you this couldn’t be possible.  I would also like to thank all of you who take the time to visit this blog and download all of what we have to offer.  This is a small operation we run here but we do what we can do bring you nothing but the best in free music.  This album is no different, 28 tracks of holiday cheer clocked in at over an hour.  If this album doesn’t get you in the holiday mood then something must be very wrong with you.  As far as I know there hasn’t been a Christmas Compilation put together as extreme as this one and we promise to bring you one every year from here on out.  We had a ton of fun getting this together and we really hope that all the hard work put into this pays off.  Finally I would also like to thank all of the musicians who took the time to put get into the studio and record something fresh for all of us to enjoy. Merry Christmas from all of us here at ROBO! Robotica, GrindThieves, Magicore, Grindcore Karaoke, and GugerArt.  Don’t be shy, print out a few CD’s and slap the cover included in this download on it and stuff it in your kids stockings.  And one final word, 2012 will be massive.  -RR!

SUPER THRASH AQUATICA [Dubstep Aerobic Workout Mix by J.Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed] MUSIC VIDEO!

new video by our boy A Beautiful Lotus out now!  video directed, edited, and shot by Nancy Amaro.


RR.90 – top loader – demo

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We get a ton of demo submissions here and yeah they usually all get put up.  Most are my friends, most are friends of friends, and others just email me just to email me.  Top Loader comes from Louisiana and brings some cute but not too cute chiptune.  He gave us the pleasure of releasing his first release and we love it.  We look forward to putting out more of his stuff and we look forward to listening to it as well.  And please keep coming back this weekend for a ton of free music of all types.  Its October and that means spooooky music is on its way. -RR!

RR.89 – to die – collaboration and improvisation

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Today we have some great collaborated improv grind from Indonesia.  When you think of free music from Indonesia you need to think of us here at ROBO! Robotica where we have your fix of some of the best in Indonesian electronic artists.  This new album by To Die features a great mix of collaborators adding to the insanity which is To Die.  It contains several remixes, a cover, and several off the wall improvisational noise grind.  7 tracks of ear busting mayhem straight to your desktop through your speakers into your brain and out your ass all for free.  And just like all of our releases please play at maximum volume, but remember we can’t be held responsible for the outcome. -RR!

RR.88 – kusari gama kill – dead animal noise party

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Our very good friends from Denmark Martin and Janus of Kusari Gama Kill has given us the biggest honor of releasing their first 2 albums which are both out of print and sold out.  The hyperspeed noisegrind masters bring u their freshmen release Dead Animal Noise Party the first of the 2 albums which was released in 2007.  This albums contains 99 tracks of classic KGK doing what they do best, melt your mind brain cell by brain cell.  This album has been known to raise dead animals from their graves and not just during Halloween time.  Knobs have been known to twist themselves, babies will poo themselves, our wives will call us crazy.  But on a serious not we would like to thank the guys of KGK for letting us release these 2 albums.  Keep an eye out for these grind masters as they are no where near the end, and as always keep coming back for free music all the time and please tell all your friends. -RR!

RR.87 – blazar – the complete discography

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My good friend from the UK Matthew Haywood brought to the chip scene what little could ever say they ever did.  Fusing chiptunes with metal drums and wailing guitar riffs could only equal one thing and one thing only…what is this one thing you ask?  PURE FUCKING AWESOMENESS!  When I first discovered Blazar Matt was 2 albums into his discography and I was already blown away and couldn’t imagine how much better it could get.  Little did I know Matt was a musical genius and an avid Lost fan as myself.  Long conversations on MSN Live and many a previewing of new songs later I knew I was hooked.  We were able to release Blazar’s 3rd and 4th album which ended up being the last two ever.  I thought that the first two were gold but when I listened to Large Scale Aggressor and got it ready to release I knew we had a big hit on our hands.  The 4th and final album Tetrakinesis was then released a few months later and that was the end of Blazar.  It wasn’t because people didn’t care or because people were hating.  It was just Matt’s time to move on to bigger and better things which he is doing just fine at.  For the first time ever we have all for albums in order of release in one central location to be listened to as one big album and to cement the history that is BLAZAR! one of my personal favorite artists on the RR roster.  And remember we celebrate the weekend here all the time so look forward to a ton more free music this coming week & the rest of this month.  -RR!

RR.86 – earth dies screaming – black wizardry

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Finally it is here!  Alert the presses!  The official release of Black Wizardry by the Austin native Earth Dies Screaming.  Unofficially released on MySpace sometime in 2009 this album never saw the true light of day.  The creation of this album was  mentally draining on lead dood of EDS, DuckMan.  Ill include his notes after this text so you can get the real details on creating this album.  Now, if you have kept up with what we have done here on ROBO! and if you’ve kept up with what we’ve done even before this you know about Earth Dies Screaming.  I met DuckMan sometime in 2005 or so, he had a project with another friend of ours Chance called Game Over.  When I first met these guys I didn’t know what to expect being from so far, not really, away.  They ended up being some of the coolest cats I’ve ever run into during my time doing this thing I call a “Job.”  But now back to this album, I’ve been waiting to hear this album for sometime now and you bet your ass I burned a copy and put it in the car, yeah fuck Ipods.  This album was way before its time and I bet you wouldn’t have known the difference if I was on here yapping on about it.  This album has a little bit of everything, chippy breaks, heavy synth, fat chords, and great vocals to say the least.  We are very honored to release this album in its entirety and hope to see alot more from EDS in the near future.  Just so you know this is “A Ton of Free Music Week” at ROBO! Robotica in celebration of Phil’s birthday which is on Sunday the 18th of September.  Look forward to a ton of free music this weekend and always. -RR!


This album was me trying to break the mold that I was so accustumed to hearing. Trying to create something different, something unusual and out of the ordinary. A sound so different, perhaps even labeling it bizzare, that producers and composers alike would be unable to fit it into a genre of music. To be completely honest, I believe I failed miserbly short, and this is the omnious outcome. These songs took a hell of a told on the creator, myself, and forced me into a merciless downward spiral that unravled the foundation I so easily spread over my creations. I went back to basics. Started over and actually worked on the songs. Trying to fix every mistake, make sure it was perfect in it’s entirety before it was publically released. I learned this to be exremeley difficult, and tedious, I even stopped producing because of it. It took me a while to get over my musicians block, and I finally just learned to not give so much of a fuck when playing music. I totally forgot what music was about, having fun, and I was just trying to make something everyone could enjoy, not what I was proud of. Now here we are, a whole year spend trying to fix myself. I guess it’ll pay off in the long run… These songs are not my best, no where near it. They’re a year old now, memories long gone and past. I stopped working on them for months, letting them rot on my computer. So, I finally decided to polish them up and release them as is. I just want people to hear that I was infact working on music a little bit of that time we were on hiatus. I hope I never have to hear these songs again. Again, these songs are UNINFINISHED, but I hope you might still enjoy. -DUCKMAN
Joe Robertson (Emcee Duckman) – Vocals, Programming, Sampling, Producing, Mixing, Synthesizers, Recording – all music production – all everything.
Sam Robertson (The Mysterious Shredder) – Guitar contributions.

RR.85 – the gas mask – dirt worshipper

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The weekend of a ton of free music continues with the new project of Fred Huennekens called The Gas Mask.  4 sick tracks of pure blasting mayhem and unadulterated hatred.  You may know Fred of the mighty BAYI who just released their discography with us here,  as well as his main band The Leviathans Mandible, and lets not forget the mighty Death Cries Make Lullabies.  Yeah this guy has been around the block and he knows how to beat it in to your skull the right way.  As always you can get this album for free here on ROBO! Robotica along side 84 others great albums of other great artists from all around the world.  Drink a beer, smoke a joint, grind. -RR!