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RR.146 – the leviathan’s mandible – discography

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Bands come, bands go.  That’s just the circle of life.  In the mid 2000’s, how weird is saying that?  Myspace was booming and bands had a faster way to get out to fans all over the world.  Anyone who is anyone had a Myspace back in the day, even the hardcore I never had ones had one.  The Leviathan’s Mandible in my opinion is one of the most underrated grindcore acts to come out during this time period.  My wife was making fun of me because I was telling time by what I was using at the time which is why I used the whole Myspace angle on this post.  I met these guys on Myspace, I met alot of my friends now on Myspace, that thing helped alot of us musicians get out there and put out our art.  Some of us didn’t know others out there, well I can’t speak for anyone else buy myself, but that point of time was a big changing point in music on the internet.  But back to the post at hand, TLM is not a band anymore but do plan on releasing one final album and do a few farewell shows sometime in the future.  This Discography is a compilation of all the material recorded after becoming a full band.  If you remember TLM from back in the day you remember it was a drum machine driven band and hopefully we can convince them to let us release that era of TLM some day.  I would like to thank Travis and Fred for being friends with me all these years, even if its just online friends otherwise.  Thanks for always coming to me when you have something special lined up for everyone.  Thanks for The Leviathan’s Mandible, we all look forward to all of your future musical projects.  -RR!

RR.146 – The Leviathan’s Mandible – Discography

Tracks 1-5 are from the ‘Desolate Demo’

Tracks 6-21 from ‘Dead Verses’

Tracks 22-26 from the ‘Grinding Apocalypse Compilation 2012’

Track 27 comes from a Live Recording Session

Tracks 28-32 from ‘Promo 2010’

Tracks 33-41 from the ‘3 Way Split with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual and Pansperia’

Tracks 42-54 from ‘Noise Propoganda Live EP’

TLM is and was:

Travis – Vocals

Fred – Guitars, Vocals

Kevin – Bass

Jay – Drums

Josh – Drums

tracks 1-27  – Travis:vocals, Fred:guitar/vocals, Josh:drums

tracks 28-54  – Travis:vocals, Fred:gutiar/vocals, Jay:drums – Kevin:bass on tracks 42-54


RR.58 – Christmasasaurus Volume 5

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Merry Christmas to everyone who has supported Robo! Robotica over the years.  We try to bring you the best in experimental electronic all the way to grindcore the best we can.  Every year for the past 5 years m@ from Bubblegum Octopus puts together one of the best Christmas compilations ever heard on planet earth.  This year is no different with the 5th installment of this great Compilation.  We here at Robo! Robotica are truly stoked to have been involved in this project over the years and continue to bring you one of the best Holiday compilations again for the 5th year in a row.  -RR!



Hello holiday people,Welcome to the fifth entry in the ongoing experimental Christmas music compilation, Christmasasaurus.Yes, you read correctly, this is not Christ-mah-saurus, that’s a full five syllables of inarticulate portmanteau right up in ya face.

You probably know the story of this comp by now, but just in case:In 2005 Dingle (Peppermint Pony) and I (Bubblegum Octopus) noted the lack of Christmas compilations dedicated to strange music.We formed the idea to organize strange and talented minds, predominantly those of our friends in the experimental electronic music world, to get together for the purposes of venerating Christmas cheer.
No, this isn’t a statement against the Christian abduction of Pagan traditions.This isn’t some anti-capitalist, anti-consumerism type of protest.This is simply all of us Christmas caroling via our music projects. There are no motives except hopefully making your season brighter or at least freaking some people out at some otherwise vanilla Christmas parties.
I want to thank everyone involved in this, everyone who downloads and shares this, Robo! Robotica!! for putting this out, and everyone who has participated in past and future installments!
Merry Christmas!!- m@ the c@
Christmasasaurus Vol. 5
1.) Silly Idols – You God’s Desire
2.) I DO NOT LOVE. – O Tannenbaum
3.) Dental Work – Do You Hear What I Hear (Christmas On Crack II)
4.) Doomcloud – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fair (ULTRA BLAST MIXXX)
5.) Kindergarten Hazing Ritual – You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch
7.) Kamakaze Kitten – Mr. Snow Miser
8.) Dylan Sparrow – Silver Bells
9.) Forest King- We 3 Kangz
10.) I Killed Techno! – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (noise tweak)
11.) Little Mack – Oh Cum On Ye Unfaithful
12.) Bubblegum Octopus – Saw Three Ships
13.) Ultra Death Men – The 12 Days of C-Mas
14.) IAYD – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


Be sure to check everyone on this compilation out!
Silly Idols –
Dental Work –
Doomcloud –
Kindergarten Hazing Ritual –
The Three-Brained Robot –
Kamakaze Kitten – !!!!!!!!!!?!????!?!?!?
Dylan Sparrow –
Forest King –
I Killed Techno! –
Little Mack –
Ultra Death Men –
Bubblegum Octopus –
All songs on this compilation originally composed by their respective composers.All arrangements were done by the artists on this compilation for non-profit use only.Many of the tracks also use samples that were not originally created by these artists.Again, all arrangments were done for non-profit use only.Please contact the artists involved before you consider doing anything with them except listen and share.
Artwork done by Kamakaze Kitten.

ROBO! Robotica Best of 2010 Mix!




After being off the internet for 53 days we are back and we are back with a vengeance.  Here I bring to you the official RR! best of 2010 mix.  What I decided to do was get some of the best tracks from the best albums of 2010.  Yes we had plenty of releases and there is a ton of tracks that didn’t make it on this mix just because of time constraints and all that other BS we can keep going with.  Please enjoy this mix of great music that clocks in just over one hour, yikes!  Within the next few days before the new year we will be putting up several new releases leading up to 2011 which looks really promising for the label and really great releases.   -RR!



Halloween compilation info

So we are putting together another installment of Spooky sounds and violent screams for Halloween this year.  The deadline for this compilation is October 22 which is a Friday.  Submissions will be taken through Sunday if needed.  This is sort of short notice but we got super busy after the release of the Summer comp and untill now did we find the time to get the word out to the public.

If you are interested in contributing art, music, or anything else you could think of please email us at:


Summer is almost over, I present you with a compilation to get you out of the funk and into gear with SUMMER BUMMER!  The mix that will make your ears bleed over and over.  18 sick tracks from some of the best artists from the ROBO! Robotica familia.  Prepare to get your face grinded right the fluck off!  -RR!

RR.50 – Various Artists – Summer Bummer Compilation Volume 1


Label::Robo! Robotica //

Cover Photo::Taylor Shechet //


RR.43 – a beautiful lotus – all my friends are electronic [remix album]

Finally an actual release of this album, this is the first remix album of tracks by a beautiful lotus. This album will crush your stereo way before you even put it in. Clocking in at just under one hour friends of ABL take you on a audio journey like no other. Featuring artists like: insomniscene, i killed techno, triggy, fsk1138, midifister, dj kaos, and plenty more. This album took a few years to finally put together. Mostly for procrastinating and waiting for the right set of tracks to put on to this first compilation. A Beautiful Lotus will return sometime later this year with another installment to the “All My Friends are Electronic” set of albums. Keep an eye out and don’t say we didn’t warn you! -RR!

RR.36 – various artists – The Youth Feeders Compilation

Who doesn’t like hip hop really?  Especially when you have one of electronic grinds premiere artist Xrin Arms producing the beats.  This album will eat your face right off and spit it right back at you.  Featuring such great artists as:: pWrecks, guttah face, quiz 10, xrin arms. tahkid, fat arm,  and more.  Grab this album you wont be sorry, it just might help you with your low sex drive. -RR!


The Youth Feeders Compilation was created out of honest expression of odd structures of life and making art.  Xrin Arms hopped on a plane from Michigan after spending a month recording his over the top psych rock album “Coy Insanity” and flew to Spokane Washington where he met p.Wrecks, Guttah Face & Quiz 10, a connection was instantly made and music was being churned out left and right, which also birthed the Heavy Barrelz forthcoming album entitled “Tha Treachery”.  This is a peek into a group of artists and what it looks like when they collide styles, personalities & passions into one bundle of pain, strife and strive.  A little hip hop, some punk rock & a sprinkle of electronic beats and a whole lot of restless power is what The Youth Feeders Compilation will feed you.

RR.30 – Spring Cleaning Music Volume: One

ROBO! Robotica Net Releases Presents: “SPRING CLEANING MUSIC VOLUME ONE”

Catalog Number: RR.30

This is the first installment of what will become a annual compilation and let me say volume one is totally banging. Spring Cleaning Music started as just a thought and quickly became reality. This thing really got moving really fast and the lineup just kept getting better. We kept pushing back the release date to give some extra time to have tracks finished and whatnot. Plus when ever does a deadline actually get met at the right time? I want to thank Taylor and Katie for helping out with the cover and RR logo, they went out of their way to help me out and all for free, much love to you both. I also want to thank each and every person who is taking part on this compilation. Thanks for jumping on board and sending me tracks that just demand to be listened to over and over. This compilation has taken alot of sleep away from me and im sure it will keep me up even after its uploaded. This album has totally exceeded my expectations and it makes the future of ROBO! Robotica look really good. This is the official re-launch of the label even though I have been posting albums as of late. This is the Re-Grand Opening I guess you can say. In the past few months we have had way over a thousand downloads on the site and that is really good seeing as the main promotion was done mostly on twitter. So with this I leave you a hour and 30 minutes worth of ear pleasing tracks that will get your blood flowing once again. And one more BIG thank you to all of you for downloading this album and everything else on out catalog. Please continue visiting our site and fill up your hard drives with all the great music we have for download. And remember it is all for FREE! -RR!


Artwork By:

Taylor Shechet –

Katie Broad –