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RR.147 – blind equation and i killed techno – too weird to live, too rare to die

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The split that reminds you that midi-grind is not dead and will never be dead, ever!  This past week I’ve heard several genres I hadn’t heard of, well just like everyday.  Well this one was kinda like what the fuck.  When did they coin the genre post cybergrind?  That just doesn’t make sense to me, am I getting old?  I may have coined the phrase midi-grind, at least I think I did.  Way back when Electrocutionerdz described themselves as midi-core, I played off of that and turned it into grind.  I don’t know if anyone before that had even used it but I take a little responsibility, even if its just a small amount.  I might have gone way off topic but what better place to talk about it then on my blog right?  I guess what i’m trying to say is that its good not to feel alone.  Oh, i’m sooo emo, it must be the I Killed Techno side of this split getting me all sissy about things.  This split contains some of the best material ever written, in my opinion, Blind Equation brings the madness and I Killed Techno brings a new kind of darkness people only dream of.  10 tracks full of solid midi-grind to start off your month of love.  Just listen to the music, its alot better then the crap you’re reading right now. -RR!


RR.130 – giant peach – the world of giant fruit

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Before there was a James Doesn’t Exist there was Giant Peach!  Super good cybergrind from our good friend Nikolai and its just as good as what he’s doing now.  This kid is a nonstop music writing machine and we totally respect that kind of thing here at the robo.  -RR!

RR.124 – the richter execution – hey there, mr. richter

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From the mad man that brought you James Doesn’t Exist comes what started it all The Richter Execution.  Electronic Grindcore has never been the same since Nikolai started writing music and this is proof that this kid can crank out some great tunes.  You can listen to this album over and over and never get tired of it, trust me its been playing non stop on my computer.  Crank this epic piece of history and don’t forget to also download the newest James Doesn’t Exist entitled The Richter Execution here on ROBO! which is what this project pretty much turned into.  Not bad for someone under 21 in my opinion, especially these days of washed up bullshit.  -RR!

RR.120 – james doesn’t exist – the richter execution

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So I had been talking to Nikolai alot on Facebook and he’s been sending me all these different albums hes worked on.  He also wrote a full album one night after I showed him some of my own music [ABL] and  believe it or not that will be released later this week along with two other albums of a completely other project his.  We will also be releasing a precursor to JDE entitled The Richter Execution which this album is entitled after.  This would have been the new Richter Execution album but Nikolai decided to merge them as one.  Stay tuned for that album later this week.  As any other James Doesn’t Exist album this one delivers the good plus 20.  We would like to thank Nikolai for asking us to release this album and we look forward to more releases from him all of 2012 and beyond.  -RR!

RR.119 – mechanical maniac – self titled

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[audio,,,,,|titles=Feel the Knife, No More Children, Buttsack Slaughter, Embryo of Fear, Punisher, Field of Souls]

From one of the minds that brought you ~Lair~ comes an almost lost gem Mechanical Maniac.  Believe it or not the drum programming was done on MTV’s Music Generator for the PlayStation. I couldn’t believe it at first but yes on a mother fucking PlayStation.  This would have never been hear by anyone if I wouldn’t have gone over to Joe Dan’s house one day where he just decided to show me since no one had really heard it before.  I told him dood you gotta let me put this out, people need to hear this.  He was kinda skeptical at first, it was made sometime in 2003 and had never ever been released or shown to anyone since then.  With guest vocals by people only known by Mr. Travis, Mr. Kurt, and Mr. Shawn this amazing piece of work was made.  I had to convince Joe Dan to let me put this out but it didn’t take to much convincing if you know what I mean.  You are very welcome in advance for this again, almost lost gem but I have once again come to the rescue and saved it from the utter reality that is musical dust collecting on a hard drive.  Also if you are interested in great death metal please check out Joe Dan’s main project Severance who are legends in are area and have been around for 20 plus years with no end in sight.  -RR!