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RR.147 – blind equation and i killed techno – too weird to live, too rare to die

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The split that reminds you that midi-grind is not dead and will never be dead, ever!  This past week I’ve heard several genres I hadn’t heard of, well just like everyday.  Well this one was kinda like what the fuck.  When did they coin the genre post cybergrind?  That just doesn’t make sense to me, am I getting old?  I may have coined the phrase midi-grind, at least I think I did.  Way back when Electrocutionerdz described themselves as midi-core, I played off of that and turned it into grind.  I don’t know if anyone before that had even used it but I take a little responsibility, even if its just a small amount.  I might have gone way off topic but what better place to talk about it then on my blog right?  I guess what i’m trying to say is that its good not to feel alone.  Oh, i’m sooo emo, it must be the I Killed Techno side of this split getting me all sissy about things.  This split contains some of the best material ever written, in my opinion, Blind Equation brings the madness and I Killed Techno brings a new kind of darkness people only dream of.  10 tracks full of solid midi-grind to start off your month of love.  Just listen to the music, its alot better then the crap you’re reading right now. -RR!


RR.146 – the leviathan’s mandible – discography

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Bands come, bands go.  That’s just the circle of life.  In the mid 2000’s, how weird is saying that?  Myspace was booming and bands had a faster way to get out to fans all over the world.  Anyone who is anyone had a Myspace back in the day, even the hardcore I never had ones had one.  The Leviathan’s Mandible in my opinion is one of the most underrated grindcore acts to come out during this time period.  My wife was making fun of me because I was telling time by what I was using at the time which is why I used the whole Myspace angle on this post.  I met these guys on Myspace, I met alot of my friends now on Myspace, that thing helped alot of us musicians get out there and put out our art.  Some of us didn’t know others out there, well I can’t speak for anyone else buy myself, but that point of time was a big changing point in music on the internet.  But back to the post at hand, TLM is not a band anymore but do plan on releasing one final album and do a few farewell shows sometime in the future.  This Discography is a compilation of all the material recorded after becoming a full band.  If you remember TLM from back in the day you remember it was a drum machine driven band and hopefully we can convince them to let us release that era of TLM some day.  I would like to thank Travis and Fred for being friends with me all these years, even if its just online friends otherwise.  Thanks for always coming to me when you have something special lined up for everyone.  Thanks for The Leviathan’s Mandible, we all look forward to all of your future musical projects.  -RR!

RR.146 – The Leviathan’s Mandible – Discography

Tracks 1-5 are from the ‘Desolate Demo’

Tracks 6-21 from ‘Dead Verses’

Tracks 22-26 from the ‘Grinding Apocalypse Compilation 2012’

Track 27 comes from a Live Recording Session

Tracks 28-32 from ‘Promo 2010’

Tracks 33-41 from the ‘3 Way Split with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual and Pansperia’

Tracks 42-54 from ‘Noise Propoganda Live EP’

TLM is and was:

Travis – Vocals

Fred – Guitars, Vocals

Kevin – Bass

Jay – Drums

Josh – Drums

tracks 1-27  – Travis:vocals, Fred:guitar/vocals, Josh:drums

tracks 28-54  – Travis:vocals, Fred:gutiar/vocals, Jay:drums – Kevin:bass on tracks 42-54

RR.124 – the richter execution – hey there, mr. richter

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From the mad man that brought you James Doesn’t Exist comes what started it all The Richter Execution.  Electronic Grindcore has never been the same since Nikolai started writing music and this is proof that this kid can crank out some great tunes.  You can listen to this album over and over and never get tired of it, trust me its been playing non stop on my computer.  Crank this epic piece of history and don’t forget to also download the newest James Doesn’t Exist entitled The Richter Execution here on ROBO! which is what this project pretty much turned into.  Not bad for someone under 21 in my opinion, especially these days of washed up bullshit.  -RR!

RR.120 – james doesn’t exist – the richter execution

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So I had been talking to Nikolai alot on Facebook and he’s been sending me all these different albums hes worked on.  He also wrote a full album one night after I showed him some of my own music [ABL] and  believe it or not that will be released later this week along with two other albums of a completely other project his.  We will also be releasing a precursor to JDE entitled The Richter Execution which this album is entitled after.  This would have been the new Richter Execution album but Nikolai decided to merge them as one.  Stay tuned for that album later this week.  As any other James Doesn’t Exist album this one delivers the good plus 20.  We would like to thank Nikolai for asking us to release this album and we look forward to more releases from him all of 2012 and beyond.  -RR!

RR.117 – thirsting for men – straight from the horses mouth

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 Thirsting for Men’s second release which is actually their very first release is out now for free.  If you were a fan of the first TFM album then you will automatically love this one.  Being the prequel to “self titled albums are for fucking fags who like dick up their ass” this album is just as intense and just as funny to listen to and or read the song titles.  The guys of TFM have become great friends with us recently and we are prepared for a new album which of course will probably blow you off in a great way.  30 tracks of drum machine grindcore that will make your pants tighter around the crotch region and make you drool from places you didn’t know you could drool from.  Thirsting for Men is one of the bands to look out for in 2012, they are coming up from behind and are gonna rape your ass. -RR!

RR.108 – thirsting for men – self titled albums are for fucking fags who like dick up their ass

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*Please re-download if you downloaded before 12/28/11 for fixed files.

To tell you the truth I really can’t remember how I found Thirsting For Men.  I think it might have been Twitter but i’m not completely sure.  All I had listened to was 4 songs over and over and was hooked, not to mention the reoccurring theme in each song that just fills anyone full of joy.  This album has pretty much everything you are looking for in an album in these days of ever changing everything.  Complete with one of the best covers I have ever seen put out on RR and on anything else for that matter done by Jack Cripps, if I can get a print of it you know it will be going in my office (bathroom).  30 tracks of crushing grindcore in just under 30 minutes, it will probably take you longer to read the amazing titles of all the songs then it will take you to listen to the whole album, I know, it happened to me twice.  I just know you will put this album on repeat for a few hours and not get tired of thrashing around your living butt neked.  This the debut of Thirsting For Men is by far one of the best releases of this year and probably for the first half of the new year, it was getting out out on the 1st of January but I couldn’t wait to get this out.  Crank this album up and hang out with your wang out  -RR!

RR.85 – the gas mask – dirt worshipper

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The weekend of a ton of free music continues with the new project of Fred Huennekens called The Gas Mask.  4 sick tracks of pure blasting mayhem and unadulterated hatred.  You may know Fred of the mighty BAYI who just released their discography with us here,  as well as his main band The Leviathans Mandible, and lets not forget the mighty Death Cries Make Lullabies.  Yeah this guy has been around the block and he knows how to beat it in to your skull the right way.  As always you can get this album for free here on ROBO! Robotica along side 84 others great albums of other great artists from all around the world.  Drink a beer, smoke a joint, grind. -RR!

RR.81 – bayi – the ultimate discography

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When I first started ROBO! Robotica I had a few things that I wanted to do from the start.  One was to release my friends music to the world who might not have ever heard of them before as well as my own stuff.  The other thing was to preserve discography’s of bands who have had a major role in my life as well as many others.  I have tried my best to bring you the best releases that I can and if you have followed RR! from the beginning you know we have done just that and possibly more.  Well today is no different!  Id like to present you with the longest release in the RR! archive, 103 tracks of pure face pounding grindcore recorded between ’04-’08 by Fred Huennekens and friends.  Bayi was short lived but it was a good short period of time.  If 103+ tracks isn’t proof I don’t know what is.  This discography features all of their releases from start to finish including splits with Kindergarten Hazing Ritual, Scissor Shock and many more.  Do keep in mind that Fred is looking for one possibly lost album which will be uploaded to this archive as soon as it is recovered.  So crank up those speakers and spark up a fat blunt because this release is going to go down on you and make you bleed. -RR!