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RR.142 – seagulls fucking seagulls – rainbows through space

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RR.136 – uddercock – milking the yule goat

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The smell of the Christmas dung left by the Yule Goat is fresh, it’s getting colder outside, night comes faster, the noise even faster.  Uddercock brings us ‘Milking The Yule Goat’ a cute Christmas EP full of joy and happiness.  5 tracks that will make you move faster then a speeding sleigh.  December comes tons of treats, this is just the beginning, just wait and see. -RR!

RR.133 – binatang liar – sekumpulan (a bunch of wild animals)

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Binatang Liar is a two piece grindcore outfit out of Indonesia.  While never being in the same room they still seem to cause extreme destruction on animals and humans alike.  Cats will bleed from their ears, dogs will chew off their own testicles,  humans will begin bleeding from their anus.   -RR!

RR.132 – pocket monster poacher party – daydream adventure aesthetics

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One half of the infamous Thirsting for Men brings you this insane piece of work by the name of Pocket Monster Poacher Party.  10 tracks of pure what the fuck right in the palm of your hands.  Before there was TFM there was PMPP and this just shows you the start of what was to cum.  -RR!

RR.131 – easy bake oven – 20 occurrences of a grindcore cliche

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So we continue with the back catalog that got put on hold because of bullshit life happenings and this time we bring you some harsh fucking grindcore.  Easy Bake Oven brings you 20 Occurrences of a Grindcore Cliche and we gotta say this is far from cliche.  You get pummeled with blasting beats so hard you think you butt hole is about to bleed.  But hey don’t blame us, that’s your butt.  -RR!

RR.126 – dingle – bitches get glitches (evil robot ted reworked)

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Dingle brings us a beautiful album of reworked Evil Robot Ted tracks and add a bit of that ghetto hood rat feel to it that only he can bring.  3 tracks of harsh remixes that will blow the zipper off your pants and just start jerking you off.  Trust me when I say things like that because it happened to me, twice!  Anything Dingle touches turns to gold and anything Evil Robot Ted does is just beyond words, so the two together is just a pants party.  Check this out if your into thug nasty music. -RR!

RR.111 – redSK – harsh inhale

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[audio,,,|titles=Inhale, Fumigation, Dance You Stupid Bitch, Blow Kush All Day Long]

So I was talking to my mom the other night and asked her, “Mom, why does all the good noise come from Michigan?” to which my mom replied “How the fuck am I supposed to know?” now if I could answer that question I would in a second.  I really have no idea why all the good noise I have been listening to the past 5 years is all from Michigan.  Harsh Inhale by redSK is another example of why the good noise is coming out of Detroit.  Could it be the water?  Could it be the pussy?  Hell is it the food?  Either way this album does not fail when it comes down to brass tax.  4 blown out tracks reeking of the best herbs that man can grow and then some.  I would totally recommend cranking this up to eleven but remember, we are not responsible for any injuries or damaged equipment. -RR!

artwork by Doc Colony

RR.109 – the leviathan’s mandible – noise propaganda Live EP

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[audio,,,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Intellectual Subjugation Of The Human Bovine, Termites In Cellar Doors, Faith Healer, The Pecking Order, And The Children Became The Sloth, Blessed Are The Sentinels Drenched In The Blood of Vermin, In Famine’s Mouth, Plight Of The Mealworms, Nothing Changes Without A Body Count, Man The Dsytopian Abomination, Home Is Where They Hang The Bodies, Dirtworshipper, Those Who Eat Of Scorched Earth And Shit Out Human Remains]

I have known the guys of The Leviathan’s Mandible for more years now then I can remember.  Never have I ever met them in person, just like most of the artists on my roster that is still under construction.  Over the years I have befriended more people then I have in real life.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but to me it works out fucking awesome.  When I first started this label my one mission was to release music done by myself and my friends.  It quickly picked up steam and is now what it is today, half net label half free music site.  This year was the year of free music, even though we have been doing this forever it had become something everyone had to do.  With the death of CD’s, c’mon we all know you rarely buy any these days, digital music is where people invest most of their money and or most of their hard drive space.  I have always been about getting free music, weather it be illegal or legal, that’s just the way I have always been.  But nowadays doing it the legal way is alot easier seeing as alot more people have given in to the free music game and it is taking over fast.  Now back to TLM we had been friends for many years like I said and I have released several side projects by members of TLM but never of TLM themselves.  I was finally contacted by front man Travis about possibly putting out their live ep through us and I couldn’t say no.  Recorded live at Downtown Music 34 in Harrisonburg , VA on November 19th 2011, I have included the video at the bottom of this post for you viewing pleasure as well.  I would like to thank everyone in the Leviathan’s Mandible for getting this to us and of course for letting us release this.  I would also like to thank everyone who has downloaded, released, or just visited the blog over the past few years, without you all we would be nothing at all.  And from all of us here at ROBO! Robotica we would like to wish you a safe and happy new year, 2011 was awesome but 2012 will be even better. -RR!

RR.97 – girls run funny – self titled

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I wish I knew more about this project but it just mysteriously appeared in my inbox this morning and I had to put it out for you guys to trip out on.  Apparently you can go and arrange the tracks on this album and create your own masterpiece with it, and hey if you do send it over for use to listen to.  As soon as we get more info on this artist and release we will pass the news your way.  But for now take a trip on this and don’t choke. -RR!

RR.83 – stress orphan – scatman crothers

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Eric of the Bloody Flux and Tremor bring us his other side project known as Stress Orphan, Harsh Noise that’ll help ease that turd coming out of your butt.  If they had power electronics back in the day this is what they would be playing right next to the blue grass club.  4 sickening tracks that will surely piss your neighbor off and make them commit suicide.  This album is also being co hosted on no other than J.Randall’s super net label Grindcore Karaoke which will include a digital booklet and much more.  This is a weekend for you all to look forward to for new releases here on ROBO! Robotica so check back daily for a ton of free music all weekend. Yes we said for free! -RR!