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RR.136 – uddercock – milking the yule goat

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The smell of the Christmas dung left by the Yule Goat is fresh, it’s getting colder outside, night comes faster, the noise even faster.  Uddercock brings us ‘Milking The Yule Goat’ a cute Christmas EP full of joy and happiness.  5 tracks that will make you move faster then a speeding sleigh.  December comes tons of treats, this is just the beginning, just wait and see. -RR!


RR.132 – pocket monster poacher party – daydream adventure aesthetics

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One half of the infamous Thirsting for Men brings you this insane piece of work by the name of Pocket Monster Poacher Party.  10 tracks of pure what the fuck right in the palm of your hands.  Before there was TFM there was PMPP and this just shows you the start of what was to cum.  -RR!

RR.122 – the eaters of the dead – discography

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Travis of the incredible grindcore act The Leviathans Mandible has graced us with his entire discography of his side project The Eaters of the Dead.  46 tracks off of EP’s, Demo’s, and splits all in one central location for your listening pleasure.  A mixture of electronic, industrial, ambient, dubstep[kinda], and spooky sounds makes you really think, is there a zombie outbreak im missing or something?  Hailing from Richmond Virginia, Travis lets loose this aural assault on your ears not worried one bit at the rape taking place just past your ear lobes.  Ladies hide your panties this one will moisten them up real quick, and yeah guys you’ll probably get an erection.  -RR!

RR.107 – off white pegasus – after dark EP

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[audio,,,|titles=After Dark, Eyes, Eyes Version 2, Eyes Instrumental]

Josh Pattison, the mastermind behind Off White Pegasus brings us his newest EP After Dark which is a song that had never been released before and has now been remastered for a full release.   Also featuring a new track called Eyes along with a second version of the song as well as an instrumental.  This is a very dark album for Off White Pegasus and very out of the ordinary from his other works but just as good if not better.  Josh asked me to release this on Christmas Eve so I can only imagine this as being a gift from him to all of you so a big thank you is in store.  Roll a spliff, sit back in your lazy boy, grab the hot chocolate off the stove,  push play, crank up the volume and take a drip after dark. -RR!

RR.106 – mechonat hereg – self titled

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[audio,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|titles=Intro, Busted, We The People, Snipe Hunt, Activate Damage, Pushin Heroin, Mavet Lasamelet, Motor Hour, Start The Riot, Bone Crusher, Mechonat Hereg, Virus, Night, Nicky, Sea Sickness]

So a few months back I was doing some random searching on youtube, you know the type of searching you only do when you are at the lowest of lows and bored out of your mind.  I fell upon Mechonat Hereg while searching for random videos made by fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, I set the settings to most recent downloads and the one at the very top of the list was a track called Snipe Hunt.  They took a track by AgNb and manipulated in there own way and created a masterful piece of work that just made me want to listen to more.  I started doing research right away and found out they were from Israel, my first reaction was wow, I’ve never heard anything of this type from Israel, granted I haven’t really heard much from the area really at all.  I was able to find them on Facebook and automatically extended the offer of releasing their album here in the states as a free download and they agreed to it.  I had been talking to one of the two members of Mechonat Hereg, Rafi and he seemed really astonished of how I found them being from the states and all.  This made me realize that we aren’t so much different from one another even living so many thousands away from each other.  I was just as astonished at the fact that I found people that enjoy and produce music just like I do and from the other side of the world.  This label / blog has really in my opinion would be nothing without the internet, none of the bands you listen to from this blog would have never been found by myself if it wasn’t for this luxury a bunch of people take for granted.  This is a tool of great power and without it we would be nothing, without you all, the fans, we would be nothing.  So from all of us here at ROBO! Robotica, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, please enjoy the the buttload of releases we got coming your way in the next few weeks. -RR!

RR.103 – munkie poo – darkness comes bearing truth

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Anything you can do in 8 months, Munkie Poo can do in 2 hours.  Given the task in the form of a dare to take on writing a black metal album in 2 hours Munkie Poo brings us his sophomore album Darkness Comes Bearing Truth.  A weed fueled attack on the central nervous system, taking over your blood cells faster then the Ebola virus.  This is not your typical black metal album, in fact this makes most black metal albums look like Hansel and Gretel.  Keep in mind this was written in two hours so that is quite a feat to accomplish.  This isn’t for vber ocvlt kids that wear corpse paint to the mall and buy new doc martens to wear to the cradle of filth show, this isn’t for the goths that go out to goth night every Friday night, this isn’t even for the hipsters…this is for the darkness that is deep inside your heart, the darkness that is going to make you want to go out and burn a church down after you finish reading this blog entry.  If that didn’t scare you then I don’t know what will. -RR!

RR.96 – a kodak moment & anally aborted fetus – LA – NY narcotic goregrind connection

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Several years back there was a huge explosion of digital artists that came on to the scene with a ton of help of the now pretty much dead myspace.  And yeah we all make fun of it now but if it wasn’t for that place I would’ve never have known about anybody I know about today.  I would also probably not be doing this kind of thing either if it wasn’t for myspace as well.  A Kodak Moment formally known as MonoClarific came out around the same time a bunch of these bands had started.  Keep in mind probably only a handful of these bands are still in existence.  If you don’t know what kind of bands im talking about by now you probably shouldn’t be reading this.  This is a re-release of the infamous NY/LA Narcotic Grindcore Connection Split with Anally Aborted Fetus who is another one of the artists that changed the way, if even a little, the way we perform, listen, and understand music.  Later today we will be putting up a split with A Kodak Moment and Bukkake Hotlines which we really think you will like.  Its all about keeping the oldies but goodies relevant, as part of history and archive. -RR!

RR.86 – earth dies screaming – black wizardry

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Finally it is here!  Alert the presses!  The official release of Black Wizardry by the Austin native Earth Dies Screaming.  Unofficially released on MySpace sometime in 2009 this album never saw the true light of day.  The creation of this album was  mentally draining on lead dood of EDS, DuckMan.  Ill include his notes after this text so you can get the real details on creating this album.  Now, if you have kept up with what we have done here on ROBO! and if you’ve kept up with what we’ve done even before this you know about Earth Dies Screaming.  I met DuckMan sometime in 2005 or so, he had a project with another friend of ours Chance called Game Over.  When I first met these guys I didn’t know what to expect being from so far, not really, away.  They ended up being some of the coolest cats I’ve ever run into during my time doing this thing I call a “Job.”  But now back to this album, I’ve been waiting to hear this album for sometime now and you bet your ass I burned a copy and put it in the car, yeah fuck Ipods.  This album was way before its time and I bet you wouldn’t have known the difference if I was on here yapping on about it.  This album has a little bit of everything, chippy breaks, heavy synth, fat chords, and great vocals to say the least.  We are very honored to release this album in its entirety and hope to see alot more from EDS in the near future.  Just so you know this is “A Ton of Free Music Week” at ROBO! Robotica in celebration of Phil’s birthday which is on Sunday the 18th of September.  Look forward to a ton of free music this weekend and always. -RR!


This album was me trying to break the mold that I was so accustumed to hearing. Trying to create something different, something unusual and out of the ordinary. A sound so different, perhaps even labeling it bizzare, that producers and composers alike would be unable to fit it into a genre of music. To be completely honest, I believe I failed miserbly short, and this is the omnious outcome. These songs took a hell of a told on the creator, myself, and forced me into a merciless downward spiral that unravled the foundation I so easily spread over my creations. I went back to basics. Started over and actually worked on the songs. Trying to fix every mistake, make sure it was perfect in it’s entirety before it was publically released. I learned this to be exremeley difficult, and tedious, I even stopped producing because of it. It took me a while to get over my musicians block, and I finally just learned to not give so much of a fuck when playing music. I totally forgot what music was about, having fun, and I was just trying to make something everyone could enjoy, not what I was proud of. Now here we are, a whole year spend trying to fix myself. I guess it’ll pay off in the long run… These songs are not my best, no where near it. They’re a year old now, memories long gone and past. I stopped working on them for months, letting them rot on my computer. So, I finally decided to polish them up and release them as is. I just want people to hear that I was infact working on music a little bit of that time we were on hiatus. I hope I never have to hear these songs again. Again, these songs are UNINFINISHED, but I hope you might still enjoy. -DUCKMAN
Joe Robertson (Emcee Duckman) – Vocals, Programming, Sampling, Producing, Mixing, Synthesizers, Recording – all music production – all everything.
Sam Robertson (The Mysterious Shredder) – Guitar contributions.

RR.74 – bobby blitzkrieg – industrial strength / entoxu double album

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One half of the up and coming noise grind acts Kusari Gama Kill, Janus Blomfrø brings us his side project known as Bobby Blitzkrieg.  Two beautifully blended masterpieces that is chunk full of what you have been craving for years.  This double album release had never seen the light of day till just now and us here at ROBO! Robotica are proud to release this great piece of work for you all and don’t forget its free!  This double release will take you on a long beautiful trip down a deep dark tunnel, the only light emitting from the lighter which lights your cigarette.  The feeling of being chased by an imaginary object lurks throughout and that’s when your brain takes a plunge into the deep deep abyss.  At times you will feel like you are falling, other times as if you just got hit by a car.  I’m not a man of many words but trust me just put this on and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.  That deep bass will kick in and dislodge at least 2 discs from your already bad back.  You have been warned! Don’t sue us, it’s free! -RR!

RR.73 – fake snake – 400

What does it feel like walking through the gates of hell?  Here in Texas its been in the 100’s for weeks, and when it comes to heat David Turner who is a native of Arizona knows what that is like.  You may know him from his works with Melted Cassettes and or Ghouliez.  Here he brings us his new album with his very own solo project Fake Snake, simply titled 400.  We are welcomed by a loop of a warped chime caught in a dark cloud of gray matter and then out come the ghouls to take away your precious soul.  The skin slowly starts to peel off of the bone releasing the soul upon the demons on earth.  Now caught in a dream you begin to wonder if all this is real, you search all around and not one answer can be found.  Soldiers of the dream ghouls make their way towards your half dead body and away to the lions with you.  And that has been my track by track review of 400, id like for you all to write a track by track review of this album and post it in the comments.  Weather it be sentences, paragraphs, burps, farts, and well you get the point just do it.   In short Fake Snake will blow your mind into a billion bits.  Push play and crank it to 11! -RR!