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RR.147 – blind equation and i killed techno – too weird to live, too rare to die

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The split that reminds you that midi-grind is not dead and will never be dead, ever!  This past week I’ve heard several genres I hadn’t heard of, well just like everyday.  Well this one was kinda like what the fuck.  When did they coin the genre post cybergrind?  That just doesn’t make sense to me, am I getting old?  I may have coined the phrase midi-grind, at least I think I did.  Way back when Electrocutionerdz described themselves as midi-core, I played off of that and turned it into grind.  I don’t know if anyone before that had even used it but I take a little responsibility, even if its just a small amount.  I might have gone way off topic but what better place to talk about it then on my blog right?  I guess what i’m trying to say is that its good not to feel alone.  Oh, i’m sooo emo, it must be the I Killed Techno side of this split getting me all sissy about things.  This split contains some of the best material ever written, in my opinion, Blind Equation brings the madness and I Killed Techno brings a new kind of darkness people only dream of.  10 tracks full of solid midi-grind to start off your month of love.  Just listen to the music, its alot better then the crap you’re reading right now. -RR!