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RR.125 – ☥crackula☥ – chiprave (blast from the past)

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So if 8 Bit Peoples doesn’t want to release this epic as fuck album what do you do?  You turn to ROBO! Robotica where we don’t discriminate against you for any reason at all.  I remember Caleb talking about this on facebook and thought wow I bet that album is gonna be off the hook.  You know what? I was right.  If you are into 8 bit music, chiptunes, raving, heavy bass, and of course 80’s late 90’s music then this album is for you.  Don’t act like these songs haven’t already been implanted in your brain from way back when.  Push play and try not to smile and get off your chair and relive the good old days but in the now.  We are so happy Crackula brought us this album to put out to all of you, this is truly a great piece of work that can’t not be heard. Please do another, PLEASE!!!! -RR!


RR.87 – blazar – the complete discography

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My good friend from the UK Matthew Haywood brought to the chip scene what little could ever say they ever did.  Fusing chiptunes with metal drums and wailing guitar riffs could only equal one thing and one thing only…what is this one thing you ask?  PURE FUCKING AWESOMENESS!  When I first discovered Blazar Matt was 2 albums into his discography and I was already blown away and couldn’t imagine how much better it could get.  Little did I know Matt was a musical genius and an avid Lost fan as myself.  Long conversations on MSN Live and many a previewing of new songs later I knew I was hooked.  We were able to release Blazar’s 3rd and 4th album which ended up being the last two ever.  I thought that the first two were gold but when I listened to Large Scale Aggressor and got it ready to release I knew we had a big hit on our hands.  The 4th and final album Tetrakinesis was then released a few months later and that was the end of Blazar.  It wasn’t because people didn’t care or because people were hating.  It was just Matt’s time to move on to bigger and better things which he is doing just fine at.  For the first time ever we have all for albums in order of release in one central location to be listened to as one big album and to cement the history that is BLAZAR! one of my personal favorite artists on the RR roster.  And remember we celebrate the weekend here all the time so look forward to a ton more free music this coming week & the rest of this month.  -RR!