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RR.145 – kessenchu – my kinda scene is crime scene

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RR.136 – uddercock – milking the yule goat

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The smell of the Christmas dung left by the Yule Goat is fresh, it’s getting colder outside, night comes faster, the noise even faster.  Uddercock brings us ‘Milking The Yule Goat’ a cute Christmas EP full of joy and happiness.  5 tracks that will make you move faster then a speeding sleigh.  December comes tons of treats, this is just the beginning, just wait and see. -RR!

RR.135 A&B – top loader – A.hyperstar B.hypernova

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For the first time ever in R!R history comes a release that has an extra bonus album included in the release.  Top Loader from Baton Rouge, Louisiana wanted to give you the listener an extra bonus, just like a video game you have a DLC so to speak of extra tunes not included in the original release.  Hyperstar and Hypernova are a great journey through space and beyond in chiptune form.  10 tracks total on two seperate albums, what more could you ask for?  You will hear more from Top Loader in the near future because we see a ton of potential in this up and coming chiptune artist.  -RR!

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RR.132 – pocket monster poacher party – daydream adventure aesthetics

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One half of the infamous Thirsting for Men brings you this insane piece of work by the name of Pocket Monster Poacher Party.  10 tracks of pure what the fuck right in the palm of your hands.  Before there was TFM there was PMPP and this just shows you the start of what was to cum.  -RR!

RR.130 – giant peach – the world of giant fruit

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Before there was a James Doesn’t Exist there was Giant Peach!  Super good cybergrind from our good friend Nikolai and its just as good as what he’s doing now.  This kid is a nonstop music writing machine and we totally respect that kind of thing here at the robo.  -RR!

RR.129 – munkie poo – black metal superstar

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So its been a few months since our last release and we are sorry.  Shit has been crazy and we haven’t been able to keep up with putting out releases the way we wanted to.  We can tell you right now that we have a back catalog of about 10 releases that haven’t seen the light of day until now.  Here is the first of many to come this week and it is by the one and only musical maniac Munkie Poo.  A few months back he released an album with us and we just brought up the idea, as a joke have you, to make an album called Black Metal Superstar.  24 hours later this lands in our inbox and it is an amazing piece of work as everything else done by Munkie Poo.  Sorry it took so long for you all to get this but here it is in all its glory.  Prepare to get aurally raped from head to toe, like every other album by Munkie Poo this one also takes you on a insane coffee induced trip that will leave you sleepless for many nights in a row.  How fun!  Prepare for a ton of releases coming your way this week. -RR!

RR.125 – ☥crackula☥ – chiprave (blast from the past)

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So if 8 Bit Peoples doesn’t want to release this epic as fuck album what do you do?  You turn to ROBO! Robotica where we don’t discriminate against you for any reason at all.  I remember Caleb talking about this on facebook and thought wow I bet that album is gonna be off the hook.  You know what? I was right.  If you are into 8 bit music, chiptunes, raving, heavy bass, and of course 80’s late 90’s music then this album is for you.  Don’t act like these songs haven’t already been implanted in your brain from way back when.  Push play and try not to smile and get off your chair and relive the good old days but in the now.  We are so happy Crackula brought us this album to put out to all of you, this is truly a great piece of work that can’t not be heard. Please do another, PLEASE!!!! -RR!

RR.121 – totally pissed off – anger against authority

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Eric, the guy behind I Killed Techno brings us his new grindcore project Totally Pissed Off.  You might remember TPA from our Christmas compilation and now here we have the very first full length and it is killer.  Electronic grindcore from a pissed off man that rather take it out on his music then on human beings, thank satan!  9 tracks of piss in your beer brutality straight from Corpus Christi Texas.

RR.111 – redSK – harsh inhale

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[audio,,,|titles=Inhale, Fumigation, Dance You Stupid Bitch, Blow Kush All Day Long]

So I was talking to my mom the other night and asked her, “Mom, why does all the good noise come from Michigan?” to which my mom replied “How the fuck am I supposed to know?” now if I could answer that question I would in a second.  I really have no idea why all the good noise I have been listening to the past 5 years is all from Michigan.  Harsh Inhale by redSK is another example of why the good noise is coming out of Detroit.  Could it be the water?  Could it be the pussy?  Hell is it the food?  Either way this album does not fail when it comes down to brass tax.  4 blown out tracks reeking of the best herbs that man can grow and then some.  I would totally recommend cranking this up to eleven but remember, we are not responsible for any injuries or damaged equipment. -RR!

artwork by Doc Colony

RR.108 – thirsting for men – self titled albums are for fucking fags who like dick up their ass

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*Please re-download if you downloaded before 12/28/11 for fixed files.

To tell you the truth I really can’t remember how I found Thirsting For Men.  I think it might have been Twitter but i’m not completely sure.  All I had listened to was 4 songs over and over and was hooked, not to mention the reoccurring theme in each song that just fills anyone full of joy.  This album has pretty much everything you are looking for in an album in these days of ever changing everything.  Complete with one of the best covers I have ever seen put out on RR and on anything else for that matter done by Jack Cripps, if I can get a print of it you know it will be going in my office (bathroom).  30 tracks of crushing grindcore in just under 30 minutes, it will probably take you longer to read the amazing titles of all the songs then it will take you to listen to the whole album, I know, it happened to me twice.  I just know you will put this album on repeat for a few hours and not get tired of thrashing around your living butt neked.  This the debut of Thirsting For Men is by far one of the best releases of this year and probably for the first half of the new year, it was getting out out on the 1st of January but I couldn’t wait to get this out.  Crank this album up and hang out with your wang out  -RR!