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RR.139 – totally pissed off & thirsting for men – here lies my love life [split]

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RR.117 – thirsting for men – straight from the horses mouth

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 Thirsting for Men’s second release which is actually their very first release is out now for free.  If you were a fan of the first TFM album then you will automatically love this one.  Being the prequel to “self titled albums are for fucking fags who like dick up their ass” this album is just as intense and just as funny to listen to and or read the song titles.  The guys of TFM have become great friends with us recently and we are prepared for a new album which of course will probably blow you off in a great way.  30 tracks of drum machine grindcore that will make your pants tighter around the crotch region and make you drool from places you didn’t know you could drool from.  Thirsting for Men is one of the bands to look out for in 2012, they are coming up from behind and are gonna rape your ass. -RR!

RR.112 – almost deleted – digital landscapes created for machine built stars

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Ron from the great Thirsting for Men has sent us a collection of sound clips, samples, and unused material from various projects of his.  He pretty much considered them junk but finally decided to put them together and unleash them on the world.  This is a great collection of material that almost got deleted and were proud to put it up on here and archive it for the rest of the time we have left here on this digital playground.  Look forward to several great releases throughout this week all through the weekend and also look forward to a new Thirsting for Men album this Saturday as well.  -RR!

RR.108 – thirsting for men – self titled albums are for fucking fags who like dick up their ass

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*Please re-download if you downloaded before 12/28/11 for fixed files.

To tell you the truth I really can’t remember how I found Thirsting For Men.  I think it might have been Twitter but i’m not completely sure.  All I had listened to was 4 songs over and over and was hooked, not to mention the reoccurring theme in each song that just fills anyone full of joy.  This album has pretty much everything you are looking for in an album in these days of ever changing everything.  Complete with one of the best covers I have ever seen put out on RR and on anything else for that matter done by Jack Cripps, if I can get a print of it you know it will be going in my office (bathroom).  30 tracks of crushing grindcore in just under 30 minutes, it will probably take you longer to read the amazing titles of all the songs then it will take you to listen to the whole album, I know, it happened to me twice.  I just know you will put this album on repeat for a few hours and not get tired of thrashing around your living butt neked.  This the debut of Thirsting For Men is by far one of the best releases of this year and probably for the first half of the new year, it was getting out out on the 1st of January but I couldn’t wait to get this out.  Crank this album up and hang out with your wang out  -RR!